Enhancing Financial Performance

The financial leader position (whether CFO, VP Finance, Controller) is arguably experiencing more transformation post the 2008/9 world financial collapse than at any point in the past. Functional diversification, broader scope and increased hands on management, are required and critical to success. Augustus Group unique metrics evaluation is a time tested cost management system that reconciles the company standard cost system with financial statements, achieving smaller and medium size company improved financial performance.

Operations Analysis & Cost Rationalization

Operations analysis of the client organization’s plant manufacturing effectiveness, efficiency and productivity yields reliable cost take out imperatives. Augustus Group pragmatically analyzes both what does and does not work well in the client organization, leading to specific achievable value-add recommendations and changes. Comprehensive and timely shop floor data collection is digitally synched to all other critical business functions.

Sales & Marketing Strengthening & Rebuilding

Augustus Group has a well-established and successful track record of building energized, highly productive, and technically sound sales organizations. No sales, no chance. Strong sales team development stressing end-to-end solutions, and specialized value-added services are key. Proven ability to identify, attract and retain productive and high performance sales talent is our consistent focus and strength. Determination of internal service staffs capacity to support the sales team and respond to customer needs is vital to execution.

Turn-Around Management

Simplify – Focus – Execute. Augustus Group implements solid strategic processes to quickly stabilize business decline and failure, and return the enterprise to operational viability and financial solvency and sustainable, profitable growth. Flattening the pyramid is a near universal. Quickly set tasks and stretch goals and pay for profitable growth. High-impact turn-around management requires strong leadership skill sets and vigilant sense of urgency to multi-tasking. Sell harder, work faster and romance the bankers. Fix, sell or close? We will fix and build!

Strategic Planning

Augustus Group materially assists the client organization determine its near and intermediate term most favorable and feasible strategic forward footprint. Business model refinements, including execution leading to measurable action steps and related timing is crucial. A wide variety of marketing, operational, and financial metrics are employed, to achieve strength and weakness identification and improvement. Innovation, flexibility and realistic financial capacity appraisal are always central.

Liquidity Event Optimization of Shareholder Value

Augustus Group has led the successful buying and/or selling of over 1 dozen businesses in the last 15 years, consistently achieving optimal shareholder value. Drill down/deep dive due diligence has been performed on over 150 companies. Successful exits require well orchestrated planning and positioning. Augustus Group has proven roadmaps for your successful transaction.

Private Investment

Augustus Group invests exclusively or side by side with partners in certain transactions, and has established relationships with leading private equity firms. Related financial advisory services are provided internally or in collaboration with a transaction specific partner.

Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence

Augustus Group specializes in multiple advisory services prior to and during the transaction process with the acquiring company and its target. Deep dive financial, operational, sales & marketing diligence, and risk analysis is emphasized. Platform growth through highly strategic tuck in or bolt on acquisitions is an area of particular competence.